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What to Make This Week

What to Make This Week

Megan Myers

The school year is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the need for fast and flavorful dinners stops. Drawing on inspiration from the season as well as old classics, we’ve done the work of meal planning for you so you can get a good meal on the table... Read More

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Folsom offers cash to conserve water

The city of Folsom is giving out cash to encourage residents to conserve. A new rebate program kicked off Wednesday -- financial incentives to get rid of lawns or trade up to more energy efficient appliances.

"We had a completely overwhelming response to this," Folsom Water Conservation Coordinator Don Smith said and added his office was inundated with calls all day.

"People in Folsom are looking for ways to save water and they are really excited about getting this opportunity for a little financial support to do that," he said.

Lou Nall and her husband are making improvements to their yard. They removed a tree and the shrubs that lined their home.

"I want the drip system, because it will save on the water, I'm sure," Nall explained.

12-year-old Folsom boy found

A 12-year-old boy with autism was found safe after being reported missing for more than two hours.

Folsom police said the boy was located and taken to the California Highway Patrol office in Newcastle.

The boy, whose name was not released, was reported missing around 6:45 p.m. from the Briggs Ranch area of Folsom. He was last seen riding a kick scooter.

Details of how he was found were unknown to Folsom police.

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4 Ways to Keep Your School Garden Growing All Summer

4 Ways to Keep Your School Garden Growing All Summer

Anna Medica

When the kids are away, the garden weeds will splay!

One of the biggest issues of maintaining a school garden is that it often goes untended during the summer, wasting the great efforts of spring and becoming a mess for fall growing.

Here are four ways to keep your school garden growing. For all of these it’s important to work closely with school administration and custodians for access to the campus, garden and resources like water... Read More

WATCH: 'Breakfast on the Job' Goes to Stockton this Friday!

WATCH: 'Breakfast on the Job' Goes to Stockton this Friday!

News10's popular morning segment 'Breakfast in My Neighborhood' has been focusing on job opportunities for the last few weeks. The segment is called 'Breakfast on the Job', and we bring breakfast to you on the job.

It's our way of honoring those that serve our community, while letting our viewers learn about potential job opportunities.

This coming Friday, May 15, News10 Anchor Keba Arnold and Reporter Tim Daly will be going to the Stockton Police Department and they won't be alone. North Border Taco food truck will be there, too, and will be serving up a delicious breakfast.

folsom water program

The City of Folsom will unveil its plan this week to give homeowners money for making more water-efficient choices around their home. Folsom needs to reduce its water use by 32 percent.

"We have a higher per capita use of water that's simply because we're in a hotter area. The density of housing is not what it is in the big communities on the coast, so we just end up with a larger per capita number," Don Smith the Folsom Water Conservation Coordinator, said.

The most popular program is expected to be their "cash for grass" option. This will provide homeowners 50-cents-per-square-foot if they remove their grass, with a limit of $1,000.

Other rebate options include cash for installing water-efficient sprinklers or a recirculating water heating system.