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Cause of house fire in Orangevale under investigation

A house fire in Orangevale will cost homeowners up to $80,000 in smoke damage, according to the Sacramento Metro Fire Department.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation but a spokesperson for the department confirmed it started on the deck of the house, which is located on the 9300 block of Vallejo Drive just north of Madison Avenue.

There was only one occupant in the home at the time of the fire, according to the department, and they are not the homeowner. It's believed the homeowners are the occupant's parents and the department said they are out of town, currently in Fort Bragg.

The occupant, who did not want to be identified, told investigators they were up stairs and did not hear the fire alarms going off in the bottom floors when the fire began. It wasn't until smoke rose to the top floor and set off the upstairs alarms that the occupant became aware of the fire.

Lost items + drought + good people = unforgettable finds

FOLSOM – The drought did some good, for once, and it taught a couple of guys the importance of paying it forward.

This all starts with a Rocklin man losing his almost new Go Pro while paddle boarding on Folsom Lake back in April.

"This day was so windy; I got knocked off my paddle board many times," Ryan Dobson said. "I had a go pro on my head; and when I got to the Peninsula Campgrounds, I realized it wasn't there anymore."

Dobson said he thought he'd never see that camera again.

Fast-forward to the end of June.

Tyler Pudge and his family had a trip planned to Folsom Lake on his wife's birthday. He made a run to the store, and when he returned home he realized he lost his wallet. He went back to the store in hopes of finding it.

Man killed in Folsom stair collapse, year after previous incident


FOLSOM – A 27 year old man is dead after an external stairway collapsed at a Folsom apartment complex on Friday.

Spokesman Larry Kamer for the Legends at Willow Creek Apartment Complex said the victim was visiting the apartment and didn't live there.

Folsom Police said the collapsed happened around 2:40 p.m. near South Lexington Drive.

Police said the 27 year old man was severely injured and died at the scene. His name has not been released.

The collapse occurred between the second and third floor.

Man killed in apartment staircase collapse identified

FOLSOM (AP) - Authorities have identified a man killed when an apartment building's stairway collapsed Friday in Folsom as 26-year-old Shun Xiang Yuan of San Francisco.

The Sacramento Bee reports Monday Yuan was visiting a friend when the stairway linking the landings on the second and third floors failed, crushing him below.

Stairway collapse at Folsom apartment complex could be due to dry rot

At the Legends at Willow Creek Complex, tenants say a stairway that collapsed on Friday was a tragedy that should have been prevented.

Chris Toy lives on the first floor of Building 8 where the stairway collapsed. 26-year-old Shun Xiang Yuan, who was visiting his friends in the same building on the third floor, was killed.

"He hit the ground and stairs came down on top of him," said Toy.

"That's pretty scary. definitely scary to think about," said Anaise, another tenant.

Friday night, every tenant in the complex received a letter. It has raised some eyebrows.

External stairway collapses in Folsom, kills one person


A 27-year-old man was killed after an external stairway collapsed, according to Folsom police Sgt. Andrew Bates.

The stairway collapse, which happened between the second and third floors, happened at 2:41 p.m. on 180 South Lexington Drive in Folsom. W

hen police and firefighters arrived after hearing reports of a stairway collapse, emergency workers found the man. Despite treatment, he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Folsom police. The victim has not been identified yet.

Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!

Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!
Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!

The Cattle Drive scheduled for this Wednesday, July 1st has been CANCELLED due to the high heat. Expectations for Wednesdays high is 110.  The Folsom Chamber of Commerce has just announced the cancellation stating concern over the health and well being of the families, and volunteers, and livestock that come out for the event. Lets hope for cooler temps next year folks. This is only the second time ever that the Cattle Drive had to be cancelled. 2013 temperatures were to high as well.